S. K. C. G. Autonomous College

Paralakhemundi, Odisha
College Hostels


          The college has two hostels to accommodate  students.The names and their capacity to accommodate student are as follows:

1.       S.K.C.G.Boys Hostel                                           110

2.       P.M.N. Hostel                                                      50

1.       ADMISSION

          Application for admission to the hostel duely filled in and signed by the student and their natural guardians (in cases of minors) will be made to the office of the Principal along with thier  application for admission to the college. A certificate of good conduct from the head of the institution which the applicant last attended shall be presented with the application.

          No student will be admitted into the  the college hostel unless he is admitted into the college.

b)       Boarders of the 1st year +2 and +3 courses are required to apply to to the Principal at the end of the college session (before the summer   vacation) if they wish to continue in the hostel. Their application will not constitute a right but will be duely considered and if rejected person concerned will be informed before the session begins. Claims of the new students will be given priority over those who have been in the hostel for some time.

2.       CONTROL:

          Students living in the hostel will be considered to be under the direct control of the superintendent not only during thier the college hours but at all time during their studentship in the college. The Principal as the warden is supereme authority of          the house and will have direct and indirect control over the boarders through the superintendent at all times.



. i)      The hostel mess is controlled by the ASSISTANT SUPERINDENT and managed by the mess committe consisting of the Mess Secretary and representatives from various classes who are elected from among the boarders. They will check the accounts of the mess from time to time and exercise a continuous supervision to ensure satisfactory running of the mess.  At the end of month the secretary will convene a meeting of the mess committee to examine and pass the accounts of the month. He can convene a meeting of the mess committee at  any other time to discuss a particular matter. All dicisions arrived at by the mess committee are subject to approval by the  superintendent.

ii)       The  assistant superintendent exercises effective control in all matters relating to the mess. But the administration is carried on as far as possible by the boarders They deal with all complaints and difficulties at various levels and only such questions as cannot be solved by them are to be brought by the mess secretary to the Assistant superintendent.

b)       All boarders will get two meals.  All boarders will get the same type of food. Special arrangements for any boarder or a group of boarders are not allowed.

c)       When a boarder falls sick’ his sick diet is prepared in the mess or if necessary is brought from out side according  to the instruction of the Hostel Medical Officer.  If the cost of sick diet exceeds the cost of ordinary meal the extra cost is realised from him.

d)       All outstanding mess dues of the previous month against boarders should be deposited within 10 days after the date of notification by the hostel authorities  failing which they will be liable to pay fines.  The fine after the due date of payment of mess dues will be Rs. 0.50 per day  for first five days.  There after his membership will cease.    However, it will be renewed on payment of Rs 30.00.  The cash of the mess will remain  with the Superintendent in a separate account meant for the purposee.  College fee will be collected only on production of a clearance certificate  from the Hostel authorities towards the payment of the mess and other dues.

e)       Boarders are entitled to get refund of their  meal charges only when

          i)        They are absent from the Hostel on leave for more than two              continuous days.

          ii)       They have to inform the Manager in writing stating the period of absence for two or more consecutive days.  Refund for absence from meals is adjusted to the account of each individual boarder at the end of month.

f)       No boarder will ordinarily be permitted  to have his meal in any part of the building premises hostel except in the dining room of the  Hostel.

g)       No articles (tray,mug,utensils etc) can be taken outside the mess premises by any resident.  Perfect discipline should be maintained inside the mess premises.  Unruly behaviour or unnecessary argument with  any employee or other resident within the mess premises is strictly prohibited. Entering the mess at any time other than the mess times is strictly prohibited. Boarders entering the mess must be properly  dressed. Wearing lungi in the mess premises is strictly prohibited.

          The  internal management of the hostel rests with the Superintendent and Assistant  Superintendent .

          No  study  hours will be observed on Saturday evening and the night  preceding holidays. On holiday study hours will not be observed except in the evening preceding the reopening day of the college.

          b)   The following willl be the timings for meals :-

                 Lunch :  9-30 A.M. to 12 Noon

                 Supper : 8-30 P.M. to 10-00 P.M.

          The mess closes at 10-00 p.m. A warning  bell will be given half an hour before the mess closes.   All the boarders should take their night meals before 10-00 p.m. positively failing which they forfeit their meal.

          i)        All the boarders will eat their meals in the hostel mess and will not be allowed to eat outside the hostel (Restaurant, Hotel etc) without the permission of the superintendent.

          ii)       A boarder cannot entertain a guest  in the mess without the prior permission of the Superintendent.  Guest meals will be charged at the rate of meals.


5).      Allotment of  Rooms :

a)       Seats will be allotted by the Superintendent and applicant  admitted to the Hostel will be informed accordingly.

b)       Each boarder will be supplied with one cot, book shelf one cloth bag, one table and one chair. Boarders are responsible for the up-keep of the furniture supplied to  them and are required to make good of any damage done.


6.       Leave of Absence :

a)       Leave of absence from the Hostel must in all cases be granted by the Superintendent.  It will not ordinarily be granted unless a written request is made by the parent or guardian.

b)       Should a boarder overstay on leave (i) if he brings satisfactory written explanation from his parent or natural guardian, he may be excused at the discretion of the Superintendent. (ii)  If no satisfactory explanation is produced necessary action may be taked by the Superintendent or the Principal.


7.       Withdrawal from the Hostel :

          Application for withdrawal should be made by the guardians.  No boarder will be permitted to leave the Hostel without the prior permission of the Superintendent who will ascertain that all dues to the Hostel have been paid before leaving.


8.       Common Room

a)       The Hostel Common Room provides newspapers and periodicals which are placed on the tables of the Common Room. The Common Room is also used for playing indoor games Newspapers, periodicals, pictures and other property belonging to the Common Room must not be taken out side the common room without the permission of the authorities concerned. A wall clock has been provided in the Common Room. The common room remains open for the borders during hours as specified below

          Working days : 5 P.M. to 7 P. M.  and 9 P. M. to 10 P.M.

          Holidays : (excluding vacations and Puja holidays)

          (I)  7 A.M. to 11 A. M.  (II)   9 P. M. to 10 P. M.

          The specified hours may be changed during winter season by the Superintendent. None of the borders should entertain any of their outside friends in the common room.

b)       The common room fund can be spent under following heads : -

          i.        Purchase of newspapers periodicals and games articles.

          ii.       Contingencies for Common Room.

e)       Boarders entering in to the Common Room should be properly dressed.


9.       Electricity :

          Light, only for the purpose of reading is provided by the hostel. Every Boarder leaving his room even for a few minutes shall switch off the light supplied to him. Boarders are not permitted to keep or use any electrical appliances in their rooms other than electric bulbs. Boarders will make their own arrangements for electric bulbs. Tampering with the electric light or other electric installations is a serious offence which may make boarders liable for expulsion.


10.     Hostel Property :

          Every boarder is responsiable for the care of hostel property he uses. Boarders will be charged for all damages caused to the Hostel property used by them individually or collectively.


11.     Medical Supervision :

a.       The hostel will be under the charges of the most senior Medical officer incharge of the local Hospital. Authorities will see that proper medical arrangements are made and medicines are supplied to the boarders when required.

b.       A medical register containing the following heading will be maintained. Date of arrival and departure of medical officer, Roll No. year of class, treatment, Doctor’s recommendation and Principal’s or Superintendent’s orders.

c.       No boarder is ordinarily be permitted to consult any other doctor excepting the hostel Medical Officer.


12.     Visitors :

a.       Only boarders are permitted to enter the Hostel premises. The following exceptions may be made.

          i.        Guardians and relatives of boarders with due notice to the Superintendent.

          ii.       Friends of boarders with the permission of Superintendent between 4 p.m  to 7 p.m. These friends will not take meals in the hostel except with the superintendents permission.

b.       The following person may be allowed to stay temporarily with the prior approval of the Superintendent.

          i.        Father or natural guardians of boarders for a period not exceeding one day provided that visit has reference to the interest of welfare of boarders. In this case no fee will be charged.

          ii.       Excursion parties or athletic teams from other colleges such-parties or teams may be exempted fees on the understanding that this concession is reciprocated.

          iii.      Members of  the teaching staff of the college who come to fill up short time vacancies or on sudden transfer until such time as they can make stay and other arrangements by paying establishment charges as applicable for boardes.

c.       No boarders can entertain any of their guests without the prior permission of the Superintendant in their room.


Discipline :

i)        The hours fixed for study are from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. No. boarder shall be absent from his room during the study period without the permission of the superintendent. Frequent absence from the hostel during study hour will be treated as a breach of discipline.

ii)       No boarder shall in any way interrupt others in the studies at any time of the day.

iii)      No boarder shall be absent from the hostel during or after the night roll call (10 p.m) without the permission of the superintendent.

iv)      Boarders must in all cases obtain prior permission of the Principal before joining/taking part in any meeting or association outside the college. v)            All efforts by the boarders either for calling meeting, circulation of notice or raising subscription must receive prior sanction of the superintendent.

vi)      In case of any communicable disease the hostel authrities may expel the student from the hostel if he refuses to remain isolated.

vii)     Boarders are not permited to take any direct action against any hostel or mess servant. All complaints should be brought to the notice of the superintendent.

viii)     No boarder is permitted to stay in the hostel during or summer vacation without the special permission.



          The following will be considered as breach of discipline.

i)        Observing private video show in hostel premises.

ii)       Absence from the hostel without leave.

iii)      Continued neglect of study.

iv)      Want of cleanliness in the room.

v)       Spitting about the room and varandah and throwing of torn papers etc. on the varandah.

vi)      Writing on in any way disfiguring the walls, doors and windows of the hostel building and passing urine near the building & rendering the compound unhygenic.

vii)     Bringing of papers and periodicals not authorised by the authority into the hostel common room.

viii)     Use of drugs intoxicants and tobacco.

ix)      Gambling in any form.

x)       Introducing any person not authorised by the  hostel authorities.

xi)      Singing or playing upon musical instruments except during the hours authorised by the superintendent.

xii)     Misconduct if any of other description.



          The superintendent will maintain a conduct which the names of boarders will be entered.  Serious misconduct or gross misconduct  on the part of boarder shall render him liable to have his name entered in the conduct register of the college.

          A report form for each boarder will be filled in and signed by the superintendent once each year (or at the time of withdrawal from the hostel). Promotion from class to class in the college and permission to appear at the university examination is conditional on this report.


15.     Library :      

            The hostel has provision for lending library. The Library contains prescribed and recommended books for the use of the boarders. Boarders can borrow the books for one session a time on payment of 1/5 of the price of the concerned books.  At the beginning of the college session  application will be called for the issue of books from the lending library. Poor and deserving        boarders will be given preference while issuing the books. All books borrowed by a boarder must be returned before he leaves the Hostel.

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