S. K. C. G. Autonomous College

Paralakhemundi, Odisha
College Fees

Fees and Subscriptions (+3 & P.G. Students)


1 Attendance Rs. 1
2 Atheletic Rs. 15
3 Union Rs. 9
4 Examination Rs. 100
5 S. C. R. Rs. 6
6 Calendar Rs. 10
7 D.S.A. Rs. 2
8 Drama Rs. 10
9  J.R.C. Rs. 15
10 Magazine Rs. 15
11 Proctorial Rs. 4
12 Timetable Rs. 6
13 S. S. G Rs. 2
14 S. A.F. Re. 1
15 T. W. F. Re. 1
16 S. I. S. Rs. 2
17 Commeroration Rs. 2
18 Reading Room Rs. 6
19 Scout Rs. 6
20 Furniture Rs. 5
21 Cycle token Rs. 10
22 N. C. C. Rs. 5
23 Oriya Sahitya Samaja Rs. 2
24 Humanities Society Rs. 5
25 Science Society Rs. 5
26 Commerce Society Rs. 5
27 Seminar fee Rs. 6
28 Sports Council Rs. 35
29 Cultural fee of Berhampur University Rs. 20
30 Identity Card Rs. 3
31 Library deposit Rs. 10
32 Laborotory deposit (+3 Students) Rs. 10
33 Laborotory deposit (P. G. Students) Rs. 30
34 Registration & Recognition fee Rs. 111
35 Late fee (University admission) Rs. 100
36 Fee for duplicate Identity card Rs. 10
37 Development fee Rs. 250



1 +3 Arts / Commerce (Honours) Rs.  10
2 +3 Science (Hons.) Rs.  11
3 P. G. Oriya/Eco./Math & Commerce    Rs. 12
4 P.G.Chemistry/L.Sc    Rs. 14
5 Admission fee (Equal to college fee) Rs.  - - -
6 Medical Exam. fee. Rs. 1
7 T.C.Fee/Duplicate T.C. Fee.  Rs. 3
8 Search Fee.  Rs. 1
9 Hostel Seat Rent (Monthly) Rs. 5
10 Hostel Admission fee Rs. 2


          Women students are exempted from paying tuition fee. Students belonging to Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes are exempted from paying tuition fees and admission fees on production  of  the Caste Certificate from a competant authority.


          All fees should be paid in the college office on the date or dates and time fixed  for the purpose. If a student fails to pay his fees on the date fixed by the Principal, he/she may pay the same on any day with default fines as mentioned below.

i)        If  a student fails to pay his dues  on the scheduled day notified he is required to pay it by the end of the month with a fine of one rupee only.

ii)       If a student fails to pay his dues before the end of the month his name shall be struck off. If he is readmitted  he shall be required  to  pay in addition to his dues for the month and the usual admission  fee equal to the the ordinary monthly fee of the class.

The Principal may relax or exempt the above rules at his discretion.


1 Mess deposit at the time of admission: Rs. 1000.00
1 Furniture Maintenance  Rs. 5.00
2 Annversary Rs.   5.00
3 S.S.G. Rs.  1.00
4 Puja Rs. 7.00
5 Electricity repair  Rs.  7.50
6 Utensils Rs.    10.00
7 Improvement Rs.   5.00
8 Common Room Rs.  2.00
9 Medical Rs. 1.00
10 Electrity and waterCharges Rs.     15.00
11 Hostel Establishment (Annual) Rs. 75.00
12 Hostel Maintain and Miscellaneous Rs.     20.00
13 Literary Society fee Rs.  2.00
14 Caution Money Rs.     5.00
(C). Monthly Dues
1 Eastablishment 
[monthly salary of the employees,etc]          Rs. 75.00
2 Electricity and Water charges Rs.     120.00
3 Common Room fee Rs. 5.00
a) Each boarder at the time of leaving the Rs. 5.00

                       hostel must pay towards general breakage.

b)       All fees including annual fees are payble for twelve calender months. But when a boarder takes admission or leaves in the midst of the session i:e June to December or January to May his monthly fees in addtion to Annual fee will be collected from June or January as the case may be irrespective of the date of admission or leaving.

c)       The caution and the mess deposit will not be utilised during the period of boarders stay. It may be utilised towards breakages, unpaid dues if any at  the time of leaving the hostel . After meeting   the above expenses the rest amount will be refunded to the boarder.

N.B :  The above fees may be revised by the Government. Any extra amount of electricty and water charges will be shared by the boarders.


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