S. K. C. G. Autonomous College

Paralakhemundi, Odisha


(Subjects, No of  seats, Groupings.)

Course Taught (Semester System)

1. Three Year Degree Course in Arts :

i) Strength               :   128

ii) Subjects              :

    Compulsory         :   English, MIL (Oriya/Telugu/Hindi/Alternative English) Environmental Studies, Indian

                                    Society and Culture.


    Elective(A & B)     :   Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Indian Geography, Land marks in Indian History,

                                    Mathematics, Hindi.


     Honours             :   History, Economics, Political Science, Geography, Oriya, Sanskrit, English, Mathematics.


iii) Combination Restrictions :

     a) Honours subject must be different from the Elective subjects        i.e., Honours subject and Elective subjects must not be same/related.

     b)    Two language subjects cannot be taken together.

     c)  History and Mathematics can not be taken together.

     d)  Total No. of seats in Mathematics Honours include both of Arts and  Science streams.

     e)  Mathematics is not allowed to the student who did not have   Mathematics at +2 level.


2. Three year Degree Course in Commerce

i) Strength        :   64

ii) Subject         :

    Compulsory  :   Communicative English, Business Economics, Environmental Studies, Indian Society and Culture.

    Elective        :   Financial Accounting, Business and company law,

                             Business Statistics and principles of Management.

   Honours        :   Accounting Group (10 Papers)


3. Three year Degree Course in Science

i)  Strength       :   128 PCM-96, CBZ-32

ii) Subjects       :

    Compulsory  :   a) English,   b) MIL (Oriya/Telugu/Hindi/Alternative English)  

                             c) Environmental Studies, d) Indian Society and Culture.

Honours           :   Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / Botany / Zoology

Elective            :   Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / CA* (SFC) / Botany / Zoology

Major Elective   :   Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics

Minor Elective  :   Biology (for Physical Science Stream &

                             Mathematics (for Biological Science Stream)

iii) Combination Restriction:

            The Subject to be offered as Honours,  & Major  Elective courses must not be same or related.

            * Computer Application is a self financing course and may be offered as a pass subject. In case a minimum of 15 students are not available in one batch admission will be suspended for that batch, The course fee per student per year comes to be Rs. 1200/- which is to be paid at the time of admission in the respective year. In case a student discontinues before the completion of the course he/she has to deposit the balance of Rs. 2400/- at the time of leaving the college.

iv)         The distribution of course components for Three Year Degree course shall be as per Table -1  & Table - II  below.

3. POST GRADUATE COURSES (Semester System)

  Subject with strength are as follows

          (i) Commerce (16)             (ii) Chemistry (16)     (iii) Economics (16)

          (iv) Life Science (16)(Botany-8, Zoology-8)

          (v) Mathematics (16)                             (vi) Oriya (16)

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